A family decorates their garden for Halloween using hundreds of DIY decorations

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  • Halloween is my family’s favorite holiday: we decorated our house, a cider house and a spooky wedding.
  • This year, our theme pays homage to one of our favorite TV shows, “I Think You Should Leave”.
  • We’ve combined new store-bought items with second-hand finds and DIY parts for quirky scares.

When you have a last name like “Brains”, you take Halloween seriously. My family does everything possible every year. My wife Erin is the brains (pun intended) of our decorating operation, and generally we keep our display low budget by repurposing materials and creating our own gruesome scenes.

Last year we had a “haunted doll” theme and painted (and even burned) countless second-hand dolls to make a demented tableau. For Halloween 2019, we’ve done a lot of the decorating for Erin’s sister’s spooky wedding. Erin also flies to California every October to help set up a spooky “tortured orchard” at his sister’s cider house.

This year, our obsession with the television show”I think you should go with Tim Robinsoninspired our theme of “The Night the Skeletons Came to Life”. a episode, two musicians try to impress music executives with a fresh new sound. Robinson’s character delivers a nonsensical song about skeletons using bones and worms for money and pulling people’s hair…but don’t. I encourage you to listen to the song.

After we landed on a theme, Party City sent me several display items to fit the theme. Below is our journey to creating spooky scenes and some tips to up your Halloween decorating game in 2022.

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