Arizona State’s Rachaad White kicks off NFT’s first round


On the court, Arizona State Sun Devils running back Rachaad White is an elusive running back. His ability to make defenders miss, whether around you or sometimes above you, makes him one of the best running backs in the Pac-12.

When slicing and dicing opposing defenses, White must be forward thinking. This mindset has also allowed White to be successful off the pitch.

White, in partnership with Candy Digital, announced on Friday its very first range of NFT (non-fungible token).

NFTs have become increasingly popular with the rise of cryptocurrency. Think of NFTs as digital assets / collectibles. Many sporting events and electronic trading cards have become popular thanks to NFTs, but other things such as music and artwork can also be bought and sold.

If you’re curious what kind of money is being made with the rise of NFTs, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his very first tweet as NFT for almost $ 3 million.

While White may not quite see that amount of money, it’s a smart move to ride the NFT wave and capitalize on the recent rules that have allowed Arizona athletes to take advantage of their NIL (Name, Image and Likeness).

White is just one of the few college football players with their own exclusive NFTs on Candy Digital, joining athletes such as Nevada quarterback Carson Strong and LSU cornerback Eli Ricks.

White currently has three NFTs listed:

Rachaad White’s NFT

Blanc has an “Epic” card currently on auction, with the following description:

“The Epic Series is a unique 1 in 1 edition. The winner will receive a fan experience and a signed player item. This NFT features a unique player hero photo, an animated signature, and a neon red finish.”

White also has a “rare” NFT, with just 100 products (all sold out) for $ 250 each.

“The Rare Series is a 1 in 100 NFT Limited Edition. Featuring a player hero photo, animated signature, and a neon yellow finish. These NFTs will never be recreated,” the description reads.

Finally, a cheaper “Core” option for $ 20.21 exists, with 1,920 to be produced.

“The Core Series is a 1920 NFT Limited Edition 1. Featuring a player hero photo and animated details in a neon green finish. These NFTs will never be recreated.”

The future is not clear when it comes to dealing with collectible cards, although it will be very difficult to put an NFT in the spokes of a bicycle tire.

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