Arrowhealth and Lohman Technologies expand their partnership

MEMPHIS, Tenn. and PEWAUKEE, Wis., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arrowhealth, a technology company specializing in cross-platform remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology, and Lohman Technologies, makers of hōm ecg+, today announced an extension of their partnership.

In 2021, Arrowhealth partnered with Lohman to integrate hōm ecg+ into the portfolio of remote monitoring tools it offered to a family medicine clinic, Care Memphis Clinic, in Memphis, TN. This ECG solution was a welcome addition to remote blood pressure, blood glucose and weight monitoring on the Arrowhealth RPM platform for the clinic. The certified medical assistant of the Care Memphis clinic, Melissa Fonerhad this to say, “Our patients and staff have benefited immensely from RPM. We had a missing data point when examining the full clinical picture of our cardiac patient population and the hom ecg+ fill that void. It really changed the way we practice medicine for our patients.”

Thirty patients were enrolled in a 90-day pilot project at Memphis clinical and results from ECG data collection and use of ArrowHealth RPM technology were substantial (these results can be found in a white paper here: Based on these results, using Lohman’s advanced atrial fibrillation detection solution, Arrowhealth plans to expand its offering of the device to other clinical and hospital customers.

“All too often amazing technologies like hōm ecg+ are underutilized because the data is only accessible through email alerts or external portals. Who has time for that?” noted David Brodegard, CEO of Arrowhealth. “Any solution must keep both the patient experience and provider workflow in mind. We are excited to be able to deliver breakthrough technology like Lohman’s hōm ecg+ directly into the native EHR workflow of the clinic. It’s better for the provider, better for the patient, and most importantly, puts the technology in the hands of the patients who need it most.”

“This type of arrhythmia detection can enable early intervention and help prevent catastrophic sequelae associated with atrial fibrillation. Workflow improvements are an added benefit that help ensure that appropriate treatment plans are created on the accurate information base”, mentioned Jason DvorakPresident of Lohman Technologies. “This partnership benefits all parties and helps us achieve our shared goal of improving patient care.”

Arrowhealth’s cross-platform Bridge technology integrates multiple services within the electronic health record (EHR), putting state-of-the-art external tools at a clinician’s fingertips without multiple logins and requiring inputs to be replicated across multiple services. Clinics access remote patient monitoring, patient messaging, file sharing, telehealth, and more. without leaving the EHR workflow, improving practice productivity.

About Arrowhealth: Arrowhealth’s technology and products enable clinical practices to deliver on the promise of high-quality virtual care by enabling better patient outcomes at lower cost. Products include remote patient monitoring technology that streamlines health data from connected devices into a real-time dashboard that can be accessed and shared with the entire care team, secure storage and sharing, secure messaging, secure telemedicine video and dynamic care planning templates. Its Arrowhealth Bridge technology puts advanced external tools at clinicians’ fingertips in the electronic health record (EHR) for remote patient monitoring, patient messaging, file sharing, telehealth, and more. and increased income. For more information about Arrowhealth, visit

About Lohman Technologies: Lohman Technologies’ mission is to continually improve and provide mobile cardiac monitoring to bring peace of mind to cardiac arrhythmia patients and improve the quality of care provided by physicians and healthcare organizations. Founded in 1978 by Jack Loman as a cardiac assessment center (CEC) with a Holter scanning service, the company has grown as a pioneer in the industry through an ongoing dedication to improving cardiac monitoring technology. In 2004, Lohman Technologies was founded by the Lohman family in Sussex, Wis. as a way for the Lohman family to continue the tradition they established with CEC as innovators committed to improving the means by which patients with cardiac arrhythmias can be monitored and diagnosed remotely. For more information on Lohman technology and its AfibAlert® heart rate monitor, visit

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