BLUETTI domestic power stations: Powerbanks for your home

A power bank is a handy thing to have in case you run out of power with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, but what about times when your whole house is losing power? Whether it’s a storm, flood, or a problem with the grid, a self-contained back-up power system for your home can allow you to keep essential electrical items running while you wait. .

BLUETTI is one of the leaders in domestic power plants, and has Just announced three new products, including the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator and a battery pack …

The next generation of energy storage: Sodium-ion

We are all familiar with the Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries that power our Apple devices. These are ubiquitous for portable gadgets because they pack a lot of power into a small space and support fast charging.

Li-ion batteries have big drawbacks, however, when it comes to tailoring them to the size and capacity needed to power a home. The scarcity of materials used in their construction means they are both expensive and have a significant environmental cost, and their limited lifespan can make them less than ideal when investing the kind of money needed for a power plant. domesticated.

The next generation technology emerging to solve this problem is sodium-ion (Na-ion) battery technology, and it is this technology that BLUETTI is a pioneer in the world’s first sodium ion solar generator. The generator is the NA300, and the corresponding battery is the B480.

This gives you four 20A outlets and one 30A L14-30 output port, all driven by the built-in 3000W pure sine wave inverter. It’s beefy enough to power most household appliances.

The NA300 (seen above) offers a capacity of 3000 Wh, which you can expand with one or two B480 battery modules of 4800 Wh each. This means the maximum total capacity is 12,600 Wh, which will power your entire home for a few days to a week, depending on usage.

When it comes to charging it, the solar input reaches a maximum of 3000W, and if you charge from a combination of solar and AC power, you can charge it from 0% to 80% in only 30 minutes. This is a great ability to have sometimes when the grid power is intermittent, just half an hour of grid power giving you enough juice to last two days or more.

If you live in a cold climate, the sodium-ion is also there for you, providing 85% capacity retention and over 80% efficiency at temperatures of -4F (-20C).

5000 Watt BLUETTI AC500 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Having a lot of energy available is half the equation, but if you want to run a bunch of high-power devices simultaneously, you also need an inverter that can deliver that power.

the 5kW AC500 is the most powerful UPS the company has ever offered, and BLUETTI thinks it could beat everything else in the market. You can even pair two to deliver up to 10,000W of power!

You can pair the AC500 with up to six B301 battery modules to give you an astonishing 18,432 Wh total capacity.

The charge rates are also impressive:

  • 3000W solar only
  • 5000W AC only
  • 8,000 W combined

BLUETTI EB3A proves that entry level does not mean basic

Not everyone has the space or budget for a product that can power an entire home, but going for an entry-level product doesn’t mean accepting poor performance.

the EB3A is a compact and affordable unit that still delivers an impressive 288 Wh capacity, 600 W pure sine wave inverter output, and 200 watt solar input. This makes it a great solution for mobile use like RVs, while keeping your essential devices powered in the event of a power outage at home.

Even more impressive, AC charging is done through a single cable (no power brick required) and can give you a 0% to 80% charge in just 20 minutes.

BLUETTI believes that the EB3A takes the ultra-portable power plant market to a whole new level.

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