Clean home, enjoy life, GWEICH home appliances are launched for the first time

Jakarta, Indonesia, August 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GWEICHa brand of smart home appliances, recently announced that it will launch two star products in the Indonesian market on the 30th of this month: the GWEICH GWV-20W06 smart vacuum cleaner and the GWEICH GWA-45M01 air fryer, which will be the first times that GWEICH home appliance products appear in the Indonesian market.

GWEICH was founded by American engineer Weichel Geller in 2014. GWEICH focuses on advanced bionic science and technology and female experience design, and is committed to providing high-quality healthy and comfortable family life to new middle-class families in South East Asia.

GWEICH household vacuum cleaner, refuse secondary pollution

There are many imperceptible dusts in the indoor environment. The dust generated by the traditional household vacuum cleaner during the working process is often ignored by people. YesOlanda, industrial designer of GWEICH, said, “The innovative cleaning method and cleaning effect of GWEICH smart home vacuum cleaner is what new middle-class families South East Asia urgent need.”

GWEICH has innovated and developed the industry-leading bionic cleaning technology, greatly improving the air volume utilization rate, so that GWEICH intelligent household cleaner has long-lasting and powerful suction.nm JThe advanced whole machine is sealed with 7 filtration system, which can separate large trash particles, absorb fine dust, accurately capture and lock dust, so that the vacuum cleaner can filter 99.97% of dust to 0.3 μm fine dust. [1] to exhaust clean air and eliminate secondary pollution when cleaning.

GWEICH air fryer Enjoy visual life

More and more new middle-class women South East Asia constantly renew their demand for “high quality life”. The multi-functional air fry pan with a large window can bring them a wonderful cooking experience.

GWEICH Visual Air Fryer
GWEICH Visual Air Fryer

GWEICH air fryer is equipped with a 6-inch double-layer semi-transparent anti-scalding window to make the cooking process visible throughout the process, so that people can observe the cooking status of food at any time. The inner side of the air fryer is equipped with a steam box. While cooking with 36By circulating hot air, high temperature steam can replenish water in all directions, making food crispy and tender, delicious and juicy, while retaining more nutrients. Cook freely and enjoy a healthy life.

GWEICH will promote two lowest price products on August 30. GWEICH official TikTok account has also prepared many exquisite gifts, which will last 10 hours of live interaction with users in the TikTok live room on the same day (12:00 – 22:00).

GWEICH, essential for a free lifestyle.
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[1] The data comes from the GWEICH laboratory.

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