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When you are paying for a top notch product, you would ideally want that product to last as long as possible. Big companies have long used tricks like planned obsolescence in order to make their consumers end up buying their products over and over again, but it’s something that’s much less accepted when looking at tech products since a lot of between them they are essential to people’s daily routine to one extent or another.

A study conducted by YouGov which checked the opinions of consumers in 17 different countries from a wide range of reasons across the planet showed what these consumers think about product durability and longevity. 57% of consumers said packaged food and beverages mostly met their sustainability requirements, making this sector one of the top performers, at least if you look at it from a sustainability perspective overall. However, other industries haven’t fared as well, and we’ll get to that below.

With all of that said and now dismissed, it is important to note that three other industries, namely automobiles, home appliances, and sports equipment, also achieved reasonably high levels of consumer satisfaction with regards to their durability. 50% of consumers believe cars meet their longevity requirements, with 46% and 44% saying the same for home appliances and sports equipment respectively. This indicates high consumer satisfaction, which makes sense since some of these industries are currently among the most profitable in the world.

The three worst performing industries in this regard were cell phones, apparel and consumer electronics. In fact, cell phones got the worst rating of all. 30% of respondents felt that cell phone manufacturers were doing too little to ensure adequate durability and longevity of their products, and 18% felt that they were doing nothing at all to make their products as durable as they could be. 15% felt that cellphone manufacturers did their best to make products durable and 25% felt that they did not do badly.

Planned obsolescence remains a major issue in the world of mobile phones, everything has been thought out and taken into account. Many cell phone manufacturers want their consumers to buy their phones on a fairly regular basis, and they often employ rather underhanded techniques to achieve these goals, including intentionally making their products last longer than they would otherwise end up be the case. Another issue that makes users feel this way is the lack of right to repair, which means that a company can void your warranty if you try to repair a product on your own.

Cellphone manufacturers have their work cut out if they really want users to feel like their products are as durable as possible. It also creates a window for new companies to enter the fray because if they manage to create top-notch phones that last a long time, many users will want to turn to them and start using their products as opposed to those who have been made by better established companies as they might not be as durable.

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