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There’s never a bad time to save money, but now seems like a particularly good time to do so. Keeping your devices unplugged is an easy trick you may have heard, but does it work?

Although it may be shocking, unplug your devices and electronics can save you money. As a bonus, it requires very little effort.

But if you always turn off your appliances, electronics, and appliances, why is unplugging important?

It is due to backup power, also known as phantom or vampire power. It is the energy that is used when the devices are not in use, because, yes, they still draw energy, even if it is less.

Overall, standby power is responsible for 5%-10% of your electricity bill. With energy prices where they are, this is not an amount to be sniffed at. When you reduce that by unplugging your appliances and electronics, you can save up to $100 a year.

Some devices are a little more guilty than others of drawing excess power. Appliances or electronics with lights indicating they’re off, computers in sleep mode, chargers, and smart home devices with always-on screens all use slightly more power than your blender or toaster oven. .

If you’ve been looking for a way to save money, unplugging electronics and appliances could be a great way to make a subtle difference.

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