Earth911 Podcast: Obaggo Plastic Recycling Device # 2 & # 4


Earth911 welcomes David New, founder of Obaggo, a countertop device that turns a variety of plastic films into recyclable washers that don’t block recycling center equipment. Recycling in the United States is needlessly difficult. Plastic, in particular, is difficult to sort due to the myriad of forms it takes. It is often unlabelled, which means it cannot be determined whether the plastic can be recycled locally. And finding drop-off points that accept the type of plastic you have can be a matter of luck. If your city does not accept, for example, plastic films, you will have few or no options. But that can change. Obaggo can compress plastic bags and films, including # 2 and # 4 plastic shopping bags, Amazon recyclable plastic bags, food packaging, and cereal bags that are in boxes of your favorite breakfast.

David New, creator of the Obaggo plastic recycling device seen above, is our guest on Sustainability in your ear.

The Obaggo appliance is currently available through Indiegogo for $ 229 – please note that supporting a business on Indiegogo does not always mean you will receive the product. Obaggo offers a potentially revolutionary change in the recyclability of plastic films.

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