Electronic ticketing is the way to go – NRC

“E-ticketing is the way to go. We have started and we have made significant progress in the Kaduna-Abuja rail service and we are also working on the Itape-Warri and Lagos-Ibadan and it is at a very advanced stage.

“I think the next stage closes next Monday. With the ICRC (Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission) guiding us, I think we hope to deliver this very soon; maybe by March. Electronic ticketing will be introduced on the other lines except for the narrow gauge.

“With electronic ticketing, interactions with people will decrease, you buy your ticket and you have no reason to interact with anyone and with the ticket you can have access to the train.

“Right now in Abuja, those frequent issues that we used to have have lessened, but being who we are, people are still trying to find a way not to use the electronic platform.

“They will come to meet the staff and approach people who they think might have tickets to sell them and yet they will shout ticket racketeering.

“So we think the e-platform is the way to go and we want to encourage Nigerians in that direction.”

Regarding safety, Okhiria explained that many measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of lives and the train.

He said: “We have a lot of DSS officers working undetected and most of the time we have information in advance and pass it on to the appropriate quarters.

“We have increased the number of people we have on the train, both civil defence, uniformed and plainclothes police, armed and unarmed people.

“You can’t guarantee everything, but we hope that with what has been put in place, things will be better; And we take security issues to the highest level.

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