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Get Self-Employed Credit

In spite of the good order situation and good administration, it is often not easy for the self-employed to obtain a suitable loan for private purposes. The recognition is on everyone’s lips. Whether a personal loan for a new car, an interest-free loan in a furniture store or a loan for a large investment, many people take advantage of the attractive offers in the credit market and fulfill dreams and plans. All documents that prove your creditworthiness must be put together. Every self-employed person who wants to take out a loan must accept a large number of processes.

How can I apply for a loan as a self-employed person?

How can I apply for a loan as a self-employed person?

For the self-employed it is often not easy to raise a loan. Find out how to help your loan on the right path in our guide. Self-employed persons are often rejected as borrowers or receive the desired loan only on bad terms. For the self-employed borrower, this is often incomprehensible, since he usually has an appropriate salary.

A statistical study shows that the self-employed earn an average net monthly income of USD 3,000, well above the average of the net salary of the workers. Despite the good order situation and good administration, it is often not easy for self-employed to get a suitable loan for private use. Some credit institutions generally also refuse to grant loans to the self-employed.

No credit without regular money?

No credit without regular money?

The cautious lending is understandable from the bank’s perspective. Credit institutions prefer debtors who are likely to pay off the loan on time. Thus, a permanent employee whose monthly income is high enough is the ideal borrower and easily receives a cheap loan.

It looks quite different with the self-employed. Although their incomes are higher on average, they are sometimes subject to heavy fluctuations during the year. All self-employed know cases in which the need weakness and thus a lower income occurs. In addition, the principal bank verifies the credit standing of the borrower prior to the conclusion of the contract by asking the creditworthiness of the company from the Intrasavings (Credit Bureau).

Here, too, the self-employed are in greater difficulty than the employees without their own fault. If the own customers do not pay their bill or only partially, the freelancer can not fulfill his payment obligations. Therefore, self-employed are assessed as debtors with high risk of default and the desired loan is not approved.

The self-employed also need loans to finance larger costs. The new car purchase or the necessary renovation of the apartment and the purchase of expensive furniture should be done with a cheap loan. One way to get the loan is to go to several banks and wish that the loan is approved.

However, there is a simple and convenient way to get the cheapest loan. Self-employed people can work on an online portal such as: Eg smart. Align the loan directly with each other and get an immediate overview of the relevant loan offers and conditions. The credit comparison portals provide the self-employed with a wide range of loan offerings, some of which were also developed for these customer groups.

In addition, loans are granted by private investors. When comparing loans, the desired financing is first determined by specifying the loan amount and the desired maturities. With the Loan Calculator, you can compare your financing needs with your salary and personal details, and in a few moments you can find the most suitable offers in list form, with the cheapest loans at the top of the card.

This will give you a complete overview of the market and help you pick the right offer from dozens of banks. On the one hand, this approach is the quick way to get an overview of the market. In addition, loans are obtained in this way, which are made exclusively with the banks via the comparative portal such. B. the company Creditend have been negotiated and therefore exist only there.

In general, the interest rate level of the credit comparison offers is up to 30 percentage points below that of the commercial banks. This is because on these online portals especially the low-cost banks provide their loans. He does not have to earn the costs of operating the branch and pass on this advantage to his clientele with advantageous loan interest.

Another big plus point when comparing loans on an online portal is that in addition to the interest rates and the probability of disbursement of each loan offer is apparent. The larger the number (ideally 100 percent), the better the credit approval. This means that independent borrowers do not have to avail themselves of relatively forfeited loans. This is important insofar as the condition query for credit matching takes place creataneutral, but every concrete loan application is finally listed at the Credit Bureau.

Too frequent submission of credit applications is a burden on the Credit Bureau score, as this is an indication of difficulties in lending. If a bank loan is difficult to obtain even when comparing loans due to its poor credit rating, retail loans, such as the Private Credither special offer, are a good way to earn the desired loan amount.

Private investors are less risk averse than banks. In addition, they take account of the special situation of the self-employed and therefore also invest in moderate ratings. The procedure for applying for a loan is the same as for a bank loan. The loan amount, the request time and the personal details are displayed.

The loan comparison then immediately determines the appropriate offers, which are then displayed as a clear listing. The loan application is processed as in a bank loan and the desired amount paid out quickly. Getting independent is time-consuming and expensive?