Get the perfectly compact Echo Show 5 for 53% off today

A small screen at a low price

Of all the Amazon smart displays you can get, the Echo Show 5 smart display comes in an extremely versatile size. You can put it anywhere in the house: your bedside table, a random shelf or even on the living room table. You get the time, weather, all the convenience Alexa has to offer, and you can even chat with friends and family. And you can grab one for yourself for less than half the price now.


The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5″ display, a single 1.7″ speaker for all your music and podcasting needs, and a 2MP camera for calls video (you can pull the privacy shutter on the camera and mute the mic at any time). Of course, with Alexa you have a number of skills and plenty of integrations with other smart home devices like lights and locks.

Get an Amazon Echo Show 5 at 53% off

Amazon – $40The display often sells for its astonishing full MSRP of $85, but is also subject to frequent but unpredictable sales that recently brought it down to $50. But more recently, new discounts have pushed the Echo Show 5 to $40. It’s a price that’s sure to disappear in the blink of an eye on a product you might very well have space and desire for.

Android Police has a review of the Echo Show 5 and, honestly, that’s about the price we’d pay for one in the first place. You can watch videos on it, but you have to be very comfortable with the trade-offs in terms of viewing position, audio quality, and a few other aspects. That said, we wouldn’t discount its usefulness as an alarm, a dedicated place to chat with loved ones, and a conduit to your smart home. All that for $40? It’s the right price.

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