Hung Yen Aims to Install Electronic Power Meters in All Customers by 2022 | Company

Hung Yen aims to install electronic power meters at all of its customers by 2022 (Photo: VNA)

Hung Yen (VNA) – The Hung Yen Power Company (Hung Yen PC) is working to complete the installation and replacement of existing meters with electronic meters for all customers in the northern province by the end of this year, according to Hung Yen’s vice director. PC, Ngo The Tuyen.

This modern power metering system aims to better control the power supply situation in the locality and timely detect incidents, while forecasting the power demand of customers.

Based on this, the power sector has a plan to invest, repair and upgrade the power system appropriately, and come up with solutions to improve the efficiency of power generation and business.

At the same time, the replacement of existing meters aims to improve the quality of infrastructure and customer services, allowing the electricity sector to design plans for investment, repair and upgrading of power system and provide solutions to improve the efficiency of power generation and business operations.

As part of the efforts to implement Decision No. 1670/QD-TTg issued on November 8, 2012 by the Prime Minister on the approval of a smart grid development project in Vietnam, in recent years , Hung Yen PC has deployed many network improvement solutions to ensure that the remote metering system is fully invested for all electricity users.

To date, the company has installed nearly 340,000 electronic meters at nearly 4.5 million electricity customers.

In order to ensure transparency in the replacement of meters, before carrying out the work, the electricity agencies will invite customers to confirm the electricity consumption reading and to witness the process of removing old meters and installing meters. electronics.

Hung Yen aims to install electronic power meters for all customers by 2022 hinh anh 2The system helps to improve its quality of management and operation with greater accuracy and efficiency (Photo: VNA)

For customers, electronic meters provide them with various benefits, including greater accuracy which can help them monitor energy consumption, which translates into energy savings. Meters are also integrated with communication technologies to support remote automatic meter reading. Collecting data by this method helps monitor the working status of substations and cables, and improves network security.

It will also improve labor productivity and reduce labor costs and the risk of human errors. Worker accidents should also be reduced.

Customers can monitor their electricity usage through EVN Northern Electricity Corporation‘s customer service app, resulting in greater transparency of their electricity receipts and helping customers to actively use electricity efficiently and economically.

For the energy sector, the system helps to improve its quality of management and operation with increased accuracy and efficiency. In particular, the system will give an alert in the event of a power leak, allowing the electricity agency to solve the problems.

Along with the installation electronic counters, Hung Yen PC has also installed a remote data collection system on more than 4,800 telemetry points and more than 270,000 single-phase electronic meters. The connection rate of the telemetry system has reached more than 98%.

Pham Minh Dang, director of Hung Yen PC, said that previously, during each meter reading and recording period, workers had to go directly to the customer to record the energy consumption number and then return the update on the system to make receipts. . For a high workload with more than 42,400 customers, it’s hard to avoid mistakes during this process, he said.

However, thanks to the smart metering system, the registration of customers’ electricity consumption is processed automatically and accurately, reducing errors and confusion in the process. At the same time, the calculation of the electricity bill is done in a timely manner, he said.

Hung Yen City’s power unit was the first in the province to complete the replacement and installation of electronic meters for 100% of its customers./.

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