Hyundai Motor plans to source general-purpose chips due to global chip shortage

Auto giant plans to use device IC controllers on cars

Picture: Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motor was considering sourcing IC controllers for home appliances as the prolonged global shortage of chips continues to affect automotive production, TheElec has learned.

The South Korean auto giant was conducting tests to see if these controllers could replace those it currently uses and sources from auto chipmakers, sources said.

Home appliance IC controllers are more generally available than those supplied by automotive chipmakers.

The chip Hyundai wants to replace is used for ancillary functions rather than the main system, which means a replacement is possible, the sources said.

Most of the chips used in automobiles are exposed to extreme temperatures and are exposed to significant external shocks, so they are required to meet higher reliability and safety standards such as those issued by ISO over those used in electronics and consumer devices.

However, the chips used for the headlights and taillights are not required to meet the highest standards as they do not affect the primary function of the automobile.

Analyst firm IC Insights noted in a recent report that automotive IC shipments increased 30% last year compared to 2020, which is higher than the 22% year-over-year increase. the other total integrated circuit shipments. Demand for chips in automobiles was much higher than supply, causing a bottleneck, he said.

Hyundai had to suspend production at its factories in South Korea last year due to shortages; it had also suspended production at its plant in Alabama earlier this year.

Meanwhile, according to Japanese media Nikki, Toyota also began sourcing general-purpose chips in case it had difficulty sourcing automotive chips.

Nissan was also considering using a replacement chip for the chip that is currently in custom orders.

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