iRobot Roomba vacuums add Siri support and new features

iRobot Roomba vacuums introduce support for Apple Siri, which adds to its previous support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

On top of that, iRobot’s new software update for Roomba vacuums also comes with some notable new features.

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iRobot Roomba Siri Support

According to a report by The edge, iRobot has announced that it is adding Siri support to all of its Roomba smart vacuums and mops, enabling Apple’s voice assistant integration.

Siri voice command support for Roomba vacuum cleaners performs various basic activities, such as stop, start, pause, send home and resume.

Unlike other voice assistants, namely Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri support has yet to extend to room-specific cleaning commands.

However, iRobot’s Director of Product Management Ryan Schneider himself told The Verge in the same report that they will include more commands to its Siri voice command support in the future.

Apple Siri

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But for now, Siri commands are limited to basics like starting and pausing Roomba vacuums.

Siri voice control support for Roomba vacuums works right from the iRobot Home app. With this, users no longer have to use Apple’s Shortcuts app to make it work.

So Roomba vacuum users could easily speak commands like “Hey Siri, clean everywhere,” and their smart cleaning device will follow suit, according to a recent report by Apple insider.

Siri support for iRobot Roomba vacuums debuts in its new software update, known as iRobot Genius 4.0 Home Intelligence, which also brings tons of new features to the smart device.

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iRobot Roomba New Features

Along with added voice assistant support, Roomba’s new software update also brings room-specific preferences for cleaning.

For example, users could specifically instruct the smart vacuum to make a single pass for the empty guest room.

On the other hand, they could also have him do two passes over the kitchen, which only makes sense because it usually houses more clutter and dirt.

Additionally, iRobot’s Genius 4.0 update also introduces a new smart feature that allows its robot vacuums or mops to detect certain obstructions like clothing to avoid them while cleaning floors.

Plus, there’s also a new Do Not Disturb mode and additional options like locking pets or children to keep them safe from the smart cleaner.

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