JennAir Reveals First Installation Of Burlesque Limited Edition Refrigeration Column With Luxury Realtor Steve Gold


BENTON HARBOR, Michigan., August 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – JennAir, the luxury kitchen appliance brand known for its provocative design, has unveiled the first in-home installation of the Burlesque column fridge-freezer. With only 13 units of this limited edition device, JennAir has collaborated with Steve gold, one of the best luxury real estate experts in new York, to place the first statement piece and a suite of JennAir devices in its New York City attic.

For her newly remodeled home in SoHo, Gold chose Burlesque and the BLACK suite of JennAir appliances as focal points in her open kitchen. The Column refrigerator, which sports a bold Obsidian Black interior, parallels the shockingly luxurious Burlesque, with its rich burgundy interior. Gold also selected a dishwasher, double wall oven and beverage center of the BLACK design expression to complement the kitchen’s new modern luxury aesthetic.

“After visiting the JennAir Experience showroom in the Architects & Designers building, I fell in love with burlesque and knew it was essential for my vision of cooking,” said Gold. “With JennAir appliances, I received the tools to personalize my kitchen space and create a clever balance between a uniform and subtle exterior that opens up to a bold and unexpected interior. My guests are amazed when they open these refrigerators; whether burlesque or Columns, interiors are unlike anything they have ever seen, truly pushing the boundaries of materials and design. “

Gold’s remodel marks Burlesque’s first installation in the world, and with the loft recently listed for sale, its new owner will now have a unique centerpiece in their kitchen. Each industry-exclusive column reveals a stunning yet shocking burgundy interior and features a glass air tower with a snakeskin pattern. Inspired by the velvet interior of an antique jewelry box, the matte red lipstick, and the textures of snakeskin and leather, the product elevates home appliances to the level of art. To consolidate its position at the pinnacle of luxury and design, each is engraved with the Burlesque name and production number on the 13 created.

“We are delighted to have a highly respected leader in the luxury real estate industry as the recipient of the very first Burlesque,” said Chelsey whitehead, Product and Brand Marketing Director for JennAir. “Steve Gold’s The vision of a kitchen that combines luxury with cutting-edge design aligns perfectly with the JennAir brand ethos, and he has been an incredible partner and advocate for JennAir every step of the way. It is only fitting that a striking piece belongs to a designer like Steve. “

Those who wish to immerse themselves in the JennAir experience can visit a exhibition room near them. Burlesque is exclusively on display at the Architects & Designers Building, located at 150 E. 58th Street in Midtown Manhattan, where guided tours with brand experts are available.

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