Laundry day made easy with innovative washers, dryers and laundry appliances

Laundry day will be brighter with a new washer and dryer designed to handle larger loads, clean dirty clothes in less time, and use less water and energy. Once seen as utilitarian space, sleek laundry areas offer tremendous value. Today’s laundry appliances are not only functional but also beautiful.

LG WKEX200HBA 27 Inch Single Unit Smart Electric Washing Tower

“In the washer and dryer world, the level of sophistication is off the charts, making performance features more accessible and affordable than ever before,” said Jessica Petrino, editorial director at AjMadison. Fortunately, there is a fantastic solution for every space, budget and project application. AjMadison offers the best selection of washers, dryers and laundry sets in stock with all the major brands available.

What characteristics are potential residents interested in?

Laundry is perhaps the most innovative category of appliances. Appliance brands have been pushing the boundaries for decades. Recently, brands have focused on fabric care, energy efficiency and reliability. To do this, they rely on technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize performance over time.

According to Petrino, “At a very basic level, people want to put in dirty clothes and make them clean. Each washing machine will cover basic cycles, including a normal, intensive and delicate wash cycle. Whether it’s energy savings or smart home connectivity, you can find washer and dryer combinations to meet your project goals ”.

Side-by-side washer and dryer set on pedestals GE GEWADREDG8502

GE’s full-size front-load washers incorporate Microban® antimicrobial technology into their components, including the gasket, manifold and drain system providing load-after-load protection. This collection of energy efficient washers is packed with many premium features including steaming, sanitizing, and automatic detergent dispensing. In addition, it offers the first and only UltraFresh ventilation system with odor blockingMT, which removes excess moisture to help prevent odors, ensuring your washer stays fresh and clean.

How do I choose the right washer and dryer?

“For most buyers, selection will be determined by space constraints, type of fuel, budget and essential features. Washer-dryer sets come in many shapes, sizes, configurations and colors, ”continues Petrino,“ front-load stackable washer-dryer sets are a versatile choice. Depending on the space, front loaders can stack, sit side-by-side under the counter, or be raised to a convenient height with storage pedestals.

When you add a washer-dryer to your home, location is key. To keep the peace, look for models that have vibration and noise reduction features. Newer models offer special sensors to keep heavy loads balanced even at high spin speeds. This technology keeps noise levels low with fewer interruptions.

Samsung side-by-side washer and dryer set on pedestals SAWADREC61002

Samsung washer-dryer pairs are popular for their sleek design, fun color options, and high performance. Washer-dryer sets come in a wide variety of colors, so you can find the shade that best matches your design. We love the new champagne color, a Samsung exclusive. Additionally, Samsung recently released a 24 inch small space stackable washer and dryer set with energy efficient heat pump dryer at an affordable price.

Washers labeled EnergyStar® are 30 percent more energy efficient than the federal standard and 50 percent less water. Energy-efficient dryers incorporate advanced humidity sensors to help reduce energy use by automatically turning off when clothes are dry.

What types of washers and dryers are available for small spaces?

Fortunately, small-space washers and dryers don’t compromise on all of the latest and greatest features. Petrino adds, “If you don’t have space for a large laundry room, you can still get creative. While we might be tempted to buy the largest washer and dryer available, it’s not always practical for all homes. Some of the best sets are small in capacity. For larger homes, small space washer-dryers make fantastic side sets.

Miele MIWADREW8 stackable washer and dryer set

Miele offers the most flexible 24-inch ventless washer-dryer solutions to date. Affectionately nicknamed the Anything Washers and Anywhere Dryer, Miele washer-dryer sets plug into standard 110-volt outlets, meaning they can go anywhere in the house with a water connection. Miele Small Space Linen Sets are a great option for city apartments, guesthouses, walk-in closets, walk-in closets, bathroom closets and even under the kitchen counter. The brand’s innovative 2-stage Twin Dos automatic dispensing system tackles tough stains and delivers exceptional care for delicate fabrics like silk, wool, leisure and even cashmere.

What are the advantages of smart washers and dryers (connected to Wi-Fi)?

Smart home technology is a top priority for buyers and tenants, especially for new homes. According to Petrino, “With a smart laundry kit, you can start or stop a cycle, download new cycles, monitor cycle progress, and diagnose potential service issues from your phone or smart speaker. Devices with smart technology offer new safety features, energy savings and fabric care that was never possible before. “

LG washing towerMT is a new take on the large capacity front load stackable washer-dryer set. This smart combo offers the latest features in a new, easy-to-reach design. All the controls are in the center of the device, making it easy for anyone to use. Plus, built-in intelligence takes the guesswork out of cycle selection for clean clothes every time.

LG WKGX201HWA 27-inch Smart Gas One-Piece Laundry Tower and LG Styler Steam Garment Care System S3WFBN

AjMadison recently named Top Home Appliance Retailer in Newsweek Top Online Stores 2021.

It takes a dedicated team of home appliance experts to recommend the best products for each situation. AjMadison has a huge selection and the best deals on a large scale from more brands than anyone else. Professional on-site services include fit studies, on-site project management, and operation and maintenance training. Installation, transport, complex deliveries to hard-to-reach places, they’ll take care of you. AjMadison operates the largest direct-to-site home appliance logistics network in the United States.

With showrooms in Brooklyn, New York, Washington DC, and soon to be Sunny Isles, Florida, AjMadison’s team of dedicated builders are the best in the business. Rigorously trained to recommend the right appliances for your budget, schedule and project, the company has an exceptional team of home appliance experts to help customers navigate the vast array of brands available, with thousands of brands. products in stock ready to ship.

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