LG Electronics will improve the connectivity of the LG ThinQ application

LG Electronics plans to improve the connectivity of its ThinQ app to provide a differentiated experience for customers.

With connectivity becoming a hot topic at IFA 2022, Germany’s largest consumer electronics show, LG Electronics announced on September 1 that it will enhance the connectivity of its ThinQ app to deliver a differentiated experience that goes to the beyond Samsung Electronics’ device connection platform. , SmartThings.

“Our competitor Samsung Electronics seems to be focusing on Internet of Things (IoT)-based connections,” Ryu Jae-cheol, vice president of H&A business division at LG Electronics, told a new conference in Berlin. . “I think it may not be easy for Samsung Electronics to provide differentiated value to customers with simple connections and control. Connectivity between devices is basic. LG Electronics plans to upgrade its products through the LG ThinQ app to attract customers.

At IFA 2022, Samsung Electronics is focusing on providing consumers with an integrated connected experience in seven residential spaces in their home based on SmartThings. The company has formed the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) with 12 other companies to improve connectivity between home appliances. At IFA 2022, it will demonstrate how its bespoke refrigerator, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+, Bespoke Cube Air and Neo QLED TV connect to its partners’ home appliances.

LG Electronics is also a member of the HCA. However, the collaboration between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics has yet to be realized. It remains to be seen which of the two companies is generating more interest from global consumers with their different connectivity strategies.

Some observers say that if the LG ThinQ app and Samsung’s SmartThings are connected together, Samsung Electronics will benefit more because it manufactures mobile products. “If SmartThings is connected to the ThinQ app or vice versa, some may think that Samsung Electronics will benefit more because it has more home appliances and appliances than LG Electronics. Yet customers who use LG home appliances Electronics have no choice but to use the ThinQ app if they need to upgrade home appliances as they wish,” Ryu said.

“I think the company that provides more differentiated features to customers will become the winner in the end,” Ryu emphasized.

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