NBC ban: Citizens of Kogi line Gov Bello on the state broadcast company. blacklist

Citizens of Kogi State have expressed their displeasure over the blacklisting of Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Their views came against the backdrop of the recent release of the list of broadcast stations that are beholden to the commission, one of which is a state-owned company in Kogi.

Civil society activist, Hamza Aliyu, told TheNewsGuru that local/indigenous media in Kogi state has seen the worst under Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration, insisting that the government’s decision to lead online-only broadcasting was ill-advised early in the station’s moribund character.

He noted that with the policy, many no longer have access to the station as people barely have enough data to access information on the internet, talk more to listen to the radio.

He therefore called on Governor Bello to reassess the decision, seize the opportunity of the extension given to indebted stations by NBC and pay, and then allow the station to return to traditional transmission as well as online.

“We understand that the world is now a global village and that technology has made it possible to disseminate information using traditional and online media. But considering the peculiarity of our people, the government should rethink and provide the necessary channel for the state broadcasting company to transmit using both methods.

Also speaking, a former staff member of the organization, Batholomew Omale, expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the government has treated state media and other local media, saying it was a shame they were now a shadow of themselves.

“The state’s print and electronic media – public and private – have not been doing well since this administration came to power and that is unfortunate.

“That a state-owned broadcasting company does not have a transmitter to transmit its programs is such a bitter taste in the mouth. I am sorry for the media specter as it is in Kogi State at present.

On his part, broadcast ace Nathaniel Joseph said the broadcast sector in Kogi State is currently in a coma because Governor Bello’s administration has no respect for the media of state.

“It is funny that it was under the current administration that Kogi State was able to host the prestigious Nigeria Media Merit Awards (NMMA) and the media within the state is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s a shame. We have to hide our heads in shame because other states created alongside Kogi and those created after Kogi State are doing much better while the government is wasting Kogi State resources on things that don’t have no impact on citizens.

Other like-minded respondents urged Governor Yahaya Bello to ensure that the state broadcast station returns to its accounts as it has in the past.

TheNewsGuru reports that the state broadcasting company has gone online under the current administration, a policy that has affected traditional program delivery, with many of its listeners complaining about lack of access as they have no not the data to listen to and many who have the data complain about the lack of technical know-how to access the station online.

Others told our correspondent that the station is not online all day because the online element they have is the regular news bulletin recorded and transmitted to the online platform.

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