NDMC launches web application for electronic waste management


The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has launched a web application for e-waste management, officials said on Friday.

The portal will facilitate the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of e-waste by providing a platform for citizens and vendors for e-waste management, NDMC Commissioner Sanjay Goel said.

“North Delhi Municipal Corporation has launched web application for e-waste management,” he said in a statement from NDMC.

Goel said electronic waste contains complex combinations of highly toxic substances that pose a danger to health and the environment. Now any citizen can get rid of various old, unusable and obsolete computer equipment, electronic items, etc. directly online. through NDMC’s e-waste management web application, the statement said.

The app has various features such as supplier selection, pricing specifications for various items, scheduling supplier inspection, and paying for e-waste to citizens willing to sell or dispose of waste, said officials. responsible.

The three companies formed will collect e-waste from residents’ homes.

The complex composition and mismanagement of electronic waste is harmful to human health and the environment. Many products also contain valuable recoverable materials, making it a different type of waste from traditional municipal waste, NDMC said.

Old and traditional methods used by unregulated backyard operators (the informal sector) to collect and recycle electronic waste expose workers as well as citizens to a number of toxic substances due to improper dismantling, wet chemical treatment and incineration, he added.

Goel said the new e-waste management application offers new hope for mitigating the health risks associated with e-waste, through better management of e-waste in a user-friendly and rewarding way for citizens.

Recently, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation had hired an agency for the collection and transportation of electronic waste and soon a mobile app will also be launched to facilitate people. The agency will ensure that the waste is collected at home or any other place as per the convenience of the people and that an amount for electronic waste, as agreed between the seller and the agency, is paid on the spot, said EDMC.

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