Paperless Electronic Trading Systems: Updated TradeLens Terms and Conditions

Version dated February 24, 2021 – Previously Approved The International Group had previously approved the TradeLens version of the Rules and Service Description on February 24, 2021. These versions continue to be approved.

Version dated September 2022 – Approved
This circular confirms the International Group’s approval of the updated versions of the TradeLens RuleBook and Service Description. These versions are dated September 2022 and replace the previous versions dated February 24, 2021 which remain homologated for Club coverage purposes. The versions dated September 2022 will come into effect from Friday, September 30, 2022.

Changes in Tradelens as of September 2022
This circular notifies members of the following changes to the TradeLens rulebook and service description:

TradeLens Rulebook
1) Minor wording change in 7.4 and 8.3 referring to paper invoice issuance and paper transfer respectively;
2) Note 8.6 – revised wording relating to the exclusion of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 now extends to cover ‘…any similar legislation or rule of law applicable (or potentially applicable) in under the law governing any TradeLens eBL…”.

Description of service
1) Cloud Service (1) – Note that there is now a definition of TradeLens eBL
2) Offers now include Single Transfer (1.1.1), Multiple Transfer (1.1.2) sections, as well as
Acceleration Services (1.2)
3) Changes to billing settings (4.1)
4) Overriding Terms – Note the new section covering termination (6.3)
Other exclusions of cover under group club rules continue to apply Members are reminded that other exclusions of cover under group club rules relating to the carriage of goods will of course continue to apply with respect to all IG approved providers in the same way as for paper-based systems.

These exclusions include
a) unload in a port or place other than the port or place provided for in the contract of carriage,
b) issuance/creation of an earlier or post-dated electronic document/record, and
c) delivery of goods without production of the negotiable electronic document/record, which – in the case of an approved electronic commerce system – shall mean delivery of goods other than in accordance with the rules of that commerce system. All clubs in the international group have issued a similar circular.
Source: GARD

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