Park Estates Burglars Caught + Kwanzaa at Cultural Center

Arise and shine, Long Beach! It’s Sunday, so let’s start with everything you need to know about Long Beach today.

The LBPD taken three burglars in the Park Estates neighborhood. Also African American Cultural Center to Celebrate Kwanzaa. Finally, we have a list of places where you can put down your Christmas tree.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Become sunny and cool. High: 58 Low: 44.

Here are the best stories today in Long Beach:

  • Can you give our HOPA neighbor, how do you take an unvaccinated child under 8 to Disney on Ice? If they have to take a test, how much does it cost? (The door next door)
  • Our neighbor Zaferia-SW historic village needs suggestions for a shoemaker and / or clothing tailor. (The door next door)
  • A West Bixby Knolls neighbor pulled a cat out of a crawl space. He’s been down there for at least two or three days. Is it yours? (The door next door)
  • This Bluff Heights neighbor found dog at 7th Street Amusement Park. She is so sweet and looks clean / loved / has a home. (The door next door)
  • Our neighbor Los Cerritos needs a handyman to fix a roof. (The door next door)

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You are all taken for today. See you tomorrow morning for another update!

Sylvie Cochran

About me: Sylvia Cochran has been working in sunny Southern California and writing full time since 2005. She loves dogs, cats, books, plays Best Fiends (don’t judge), embraces social justice and tries to live Micah. 6: 8.

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