Power surge causes malfunction of household appliances

Islamabad: Power surges have caused malfunctions in household appliances in F-11 area where residents have approached relevant authorities to investigate the incident.

According to the details, there was a fault in the power transformer which caused the wires to get mixed up and the voltage to rise up to 440 volts.

Faulty wiring is a potential cause of power surges, which are more likely to occur with damaged or exposed electrical wires. These signs include scorch marks, a burning smell from the wiring, a buzzing sound, and circuit breakers tripping frequently.

Amina Bajwa, a resident of Area F-11, said there was a power surge and all household electrical appliances were affected, including inverters, stabilizers, refrigerators, LED lights and air conditioners. .

She said the power surge caused the loss of three power inverters, two refrigerators, a TV, a fan and several LED lights, adding that “if there were any problems with the cables, the authorities authorities should have solved this problem”.

All the houses that were connected to this power transformer faced a similar situation and the inhabitants had to bear the losses of their electrical appliances.

Heavy rains have caused enormous damage to infrastructure, including power lines in the capital. A number of crews from Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) worked in the field, but thunderstorms coupled with rains complicated the situation and created problems for them.

Iesco, in its statement, asked those affected to provide a reference number and register their complaints to 118, after which it would investigate the matter.

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