Reseller faces allegations of violating e-Stewards standards

A laptop that WT World Trading claims Tech-Resale shipped to them in the United Arab Emirates. | Courtesy of WT World Trading

The e-Stewards certification program blacklisted Tech-Resale for at least two years, finding the electronics reseller violated several of the standard’s requirements.

In an August 15 email to e-Stewards certified processors, auditors and others, e-Stewards administrators alleged that Tech-Resale, based in Cedar City, Utah, violated the standard’s requirements by exporting materials of concern to developing countries. They claimed that the company also discredited the e-Stewards program and deliberately misrepresented the facts.

The certification program released a “Final e-Stewards Critical Non-Compliance Evidence Report”, which noted that Tech-Resale’s e-Stewards certification had expired during the period of the investigation, but e- Stewards have prohibited Tech-Resale from becoming – certified for at least two years.

Tech-Resale representatives did not submit a response to e-Scrap News’ allegations to E-Scrap News by E-Scrap News’ deadline.

In early November 2021, e-Stewards sent out a press release that listed Tech-Resale as one of several certified processors that had passed unannounced audits up to that point in 2021.

In its evidence report, e-Stewards officials wrote that they first learned of the Tech-Resale concerns on November 29, 2021, when they were contacted by a representative of WT World Trading, who claimed that Tech-Resale sent him scrap metal instead of electronics that could be reused, possibly after minor repairs and refurbishments. Shipments were sent to the United Arab Emirates, according to the evidence report, and from there irreparable material was sent to Pakistan for recycling.

The e-Stewards program said the two-year certification suspension took effect Aug. 15, but even after two years, any recertification would depend on Tech-Resale resolving its trade dispute with WT World Trading.

“We urge e-Stewards program stakeholders to take appropriate action, upon becoming aware of this information, to strive for responsible management of electronic equipment in the future,” reads the statement. e-Stewards email.

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