Scout is VW’s new rugged electric truck company, and it has a new CEO

The electric revival of Scout, the classic off-road SUV brand, comes to fruition this week as Volkswagen appoints Scott Keogh as CEO of its new spin-off company. The former head of VW Group America, as originally reported by Axiospushed VW to launch a new line of electric trucks after seeing a fully restored vintage Scout: “The trademark rights were right there,” Keogh said.

VW acquired the Scout brand through a 2020 merger of its commercial trucking company Traton with Navistar, of which the German automaker originally bought a part in 2016. In May, it was reported that the VW Group was ready to inject $1 billion into the new Scout brand and set targets to sell a quarter of a million electric off-roaders under the name every year from 2026.

New Scout CEO and former Volkswagen Group America director Scott Keogh stands in front of a classic International Harvester Scout vehicle.
Image: Volkswagen via Axios

With Keogh now running Scout, Volkswagen’s board of directors in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has handed over all North American responsibilities for VW to current VW South American director Pablo Di Si. now to focus more on the American market and the American customer, and one piece of the puzzle, for sure, is Scout,” Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said. Axios in an interview. The company said it would develop “True American” electric SUVs and pickup trucks, according to the report, as it attempts to restore a reputation that was damaged by the “Dieselgate” emissions scandal.

VW hopes Scout will be key to doubling its 5% US EV market share; the automaker hit a roadblock this year after selling out all of its electric vehicle offerings — ID.4s and Audi E-trons included — for 2022. In its previous life, Scout built an off-road SUV for compete with Jeep in the 1960s and is reborn now as a company that can thrive separately from VW (and maybe go public itself) so it can try to compete with electric SUVs and trucks that remain a popular category in the United States.

It remains to be seen whether Scout will design retro-looking boxy SUVs like the indefinitely delayed Bollinger B1/B2 and Hummer EV or follow the trends of other midsize and compact SUVs with well-worn nameplates like the Ford Mustang Mach- E and the new Chevy Blazer. One thing is certain: the company is said to be working on vehicles that are suitable for camping, off-roading or working – a clear indication that Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks are prime targets.

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