SEC launches process to organize surveys of local organizations


The State Election Commission set in motion the process of organizing local elections after a hiatus of more than 10 years.

The Supreme Court ordered the Commission to proceed with the elections on the basis of a contempt petition filed by Mahé lawyer Ashok Kumar, citing the delay in holding local elections.

Commission sources said The Hindu that preparations were underway to conduct the polls by October 4, as directed by the Supreme Court.

The SEC had already completed the process of preparing voters lists, notifying polling stations, and appointing district returning officers, returning officers and assistant returning officers.

After the publication of the final electoral lists by district according to the new delimitation, the declaration indicating the details of the reservation to be made to SC, SC (Women) and General (Women) must be published. In addition, the reservation of backward classes and listed tribes must be drawn by lot in the presence of political parties. The raffle exercise would take place on August 13 at the SEC office.

Engineers checking EVMs

Currently, around ten engineers from the Electronic Corporation of India are involved in checking about 1,100 EVMs available in Pondicherry. The SEC had already approached its counterparts in Telangana and Karnataka to procure more EVMs. The Commission planned to bring in 2,000 machines from Telangana and 1,300 more from Karnataka, sources said.

Unlike the assembly ballot, voters should exercise two votes for the municipality and three at the panchayat level.

So each EVM would have three voting units and one control unit, said an official involved in the preparations.

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