Semtech: Improving Alibaba’s Data Centers with Semtech’s Tri-Edge ™

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Semtech was founded in 1960 and has over sixty years of semiconductor experience, with an emphasis on “innovation, size, efficiency, performance and reach”. On October 27, 2021, the company launched its new line of PerSe â„¢ sensors. PerSe sensors, their name derived from the idea of ​​Person Sensing, are designed for the consumer electronics market.

David Wong, senior director of consumer sensing products for Semtech’s wireless and sensing products group, spoke with about the sensor platform. He said any consumer electronic device can use PerSe technology, detecting the human user who interacts with the device and using the distance information to optimize security and connectivity.

Holding a smartphone in your pocket, for example, would train the sensors to minimize the specific absorption rate (SAR) of radio frequencies to minimize risk to the user. Once the user takes the smartphone out of their pocket and uses it to make a call, the sensors can tell the phone to boost the signal for a better connection.

Three branches of sensors for consumer electronics

PerSe includes three groups of sensors: PerSe Connect, PerSe Connect Pro and PerSe Control. PerSe Connect works with 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi devices to improve connectivity on smartphones and laptops. The company cites an IDC article that says by the end of 2022, more than half of global demand for smartphones will be for devices powered by 5G.

PerSe Connect Pro sensors are designed for mmWave 5G smartphones, laptops and tablets. Connect Pro sensors will have a higher sensing distance to help minimize the risk of RF exposure. PerSe Control works to give wearables a higher degree of control while in use. The sensors will incorporate human detection with automatic on / off support. Gesture control, noise cancellation and media player control can also be integrated with the control sensors.

Wong pointed out that the sensor platform will help improve the performance, intelligence and usability of a product. Analog front-end devices can provide a higher sensing distance or a smaller sensing area. The intelligent person detection function will switch modes when detecting a human versus an inanimate object, and its temperature compensation functions will help reduce false positives. Both PerSe’s footprint and power consumption have been targeted to be minimized, to maximize their usefulness for battery-powered electronics.

The turn towards everything intelligent

This push by Semtech towards more intelligence and control in its sensors reflects the global desire to have control over all of our products. Ten or twenty years ago not many of us dreamed of having door locks, glasses or coffee mugs with smart technology, but this is the world we live in now.

Wong said Semtech already has components and sensors in many consumer electronics devices, and this move to smart sensing makes sense for its customers and the business. End users who want more control over their devices and wearable devices will push Tier 1 vendors to embrace smarter technology. Creating smaller, safer sensors that give the user more control and better connectivity definitely sounds like the right direction.

To explore PerSe products and download an infographic on PerSe to find out more.

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