Sigma Powertrain – E-Powertrain Solutions Technology Company launches new division – SIGMA PERFORMANCE

It’s SIGMA PERFORMANCE! An NDA and we tell you how, an order form and we show you how!

Sigma Powertrain – The world’s most advanced electric powertrain

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN, USA, Sept. 9, 2022 / — Sigma Powertrain today announced that Sigma is launching a new division – SIGMA PERFORMANCE.

“Sigma Powertrain is pleased to launch SIGMA PERFORMANCE,” said John Kimes, Founder and CEO of Sigma Powertrain. “Sigma Powertrain was created for Class 1-8 commercial vehicles on-road and off-road. The EMAX powerflow is extremely versatile. In our commercial products, we feature the EMAX as a 4-mode CVT dual-motor, single-motor 3-speed step ratio, and we feature it in mid-drive and e-Axle configurations.This same power flow can be reimagined for skateboard architecture in skateboard applications. passenger cars as a compact e-Axle.”

Sigma Performance is all about turning our patented EMAX Power Flow into a sub-2 second supercar with mind-blowing power and extreme system efficiency. The supercar will showcase all of our technology in the ultimate no-compromise powertrain.

It’s Sigma Performance!!!

SIGMA PERFORMANCE is calling on all OEMs looking for a sub-2-second supercar with unprecedented efficiency. Here is an overview of what Sigma offers.
1. 2-motor rear E-axle that combines the massive torque multiplication of a fixed ratio with the electron-absorbing efficiency of a CVT.
2. 1-motor front E-axle with our patented high speed, low coast disconnector clutch, worth 7% efficiency gains.
3. 1200 HP of pure supercar powertrain performance.
4. Smooth and quick shift transition, not only without torque interruption, but also imperceptible, giving that EV feeling.
5. No hypoids.
6. Capable of torque vectoring.
7. Sigma Powertrain’s patented Sigma Cycle software that absolutely maximizes system efficiency on all drive cycles.
8. Fully upgradable for all passenger car applications.

About the Sigma Powertrain

Sigma Powertrain (SIGMA) develops advanced electric powertrain technology for commercial trucks. With over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive industry, Sigma Powertrain’s core team holds over 50 patents in electric powertrains.

SIGMA leads the way with innovative clutch technology for electric utility vehicles. This technology allows for faster breakthrough times, improved NVH and improved efficiency. The all-electric MID and EMAX powertrains provide solutions for Class 1-6 and Class 6-8 commercial vehicles, respectively utilize a common frame configuration with mid-drive; the entire powertrain is no bigger than a traditional transmission. Sigma Powertrain is a full-service electric powertrain company specializing in vehicle integration, application engineering, manufacturing and technical support.

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