The 10 best dressers you can buy online

Chests of drawers. Oh, there are so many, and we just don’t know how to reduce them. We know we’ve needed a new dresser or two in the past, oh, 5 years old, and yet we’re sitting here paralyzed, heads spinning with options. No more: we’ve researched Wayfair, Amazon, and Walmart to find the best dressers for every type of need, and we’re so ready to lock our socks up in their new home.

The best dressers

What to consider

When buying a dresser, there are several main factors to consider. Obviously, the material matters. Do you want some wood? A metallic finish? Fabric? The list is lengthened increasingly. We love wood or manufactured wood for its longevity, and since a dresser probably isn’t something you want to buy new every year, it’s probably worth investing in a material you love that matches the design. inside your home.

The budget matters too. Dressers range from around $ 100 to super expensive, so we looked at dressers at multiple price points to fit different budgets.

For ease of use, also consider how the drawers are attached. Ball bearing or roller skates are your best bets to make sure you don’t gamble every time you want to grab a new T-shirt.

And we hate to tell you that, but you will probably have to assemble some or all of your dresser. So, when deciding which one to buy, be sure to scan the assembly section so you know what accessories are included, what tools you need, and whether you will need more than one adult to complete the project.

Finally, a retainer or wall anchor is nice to have for large dressers for added security, especially if you have small children (a light or fabric dresser doesn’t need one), so we scanned them. descriptions to make sure this was included. .

How we chose

As mentioned, we know dressers can range from a pretty affordable price to a mind-blowing price tag, so we looked at a variety of prices when reviewing dozens of dresser models. (We’ll also go ahead and assume that if you have $ 5,000 to put down on a dresser, you’re probably able to hire an interior designer to do the heavy lifting for you, or are all in your business. own luxury research, so we only considered dressers under $ 1,200.)

We also reached out to professionals from Wayfair, The Novogratz and beyond to find fan favorites as well as get their top picks for the best dressers they had to offer. To make sure there was something for everyone, we selected different categories – height, nightstand, fabric, etc., as well as various drawer assignments – so there were solid options for various space constraints and style preferences.

We’ve also looked for products that have simple, step-by-step instructions, and include all the parts needed for assembly included with purchase to make the process as easy as possible. For info: unless otherwise indicated, these dressers must be assembled on arrival. The amount of assembly can vary from a fairly minimal one-person job to something you might need to outsource on Rabbit task or that requires a second pair of hands to help.

What about that anti-tip restraint? Yes, you bet these have them when needed, and they’re definitely worth installing to ensure your dresser stays in place.

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