The ARROBO T10 + robot vacuum keeps your home clean


As a parent with children and pets, I know how difficult it is to keep the floors in a house clean. Children, animals and even adults stalk in the dirt. Animals lose their hair and fur. It’s a never-ending battle and with all the activities of daily family life there is little time to vacuum and sweep the floors regularly. While some may have a cleaning service to take care of this task, even these only come periodically. While robotic vacuums have been around for years, they are often more of a novelty than a reliable household appliance.

What is the AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum cleaner?

AIRROBO has just released its latest robot vacuum cleaner. The T10 + offers incredible features not available in other robot cleaners. Its charging station is also a dirt collection station that literally sucks dust and dirt out of the robotic vacuum cleaner bin and into a dust bag that does not need to be emptied for up to 45 days. In addition, the T10 + also has LiDAR navigation to analyze the environment faster and more precisely.

The AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum cleaner sells for $ 499. AIRROBO offers a special for GeekDad readers. Use code AIRROBO108 on Amazon to save 30% for the first 48 hours. AIRROBO is a brand of smart home appliances that focuses on AI-based technologies. Supported by UBTECH Robotics, a global leader in AI and humanoid robotics, AIRROBO’s goal is to bring the most advanced technology to more and more homes around the world, making the smart home a new standard of living.

What’s in the box?

The AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum cleaner includes the following elements:

  • Robot vacuum
  • Automatic dirt removal base and charging station
  • Disposable dust bag
  • Main brush and main brush cover
  • 2 in 1 water tank
  • Cleaning brush
  • Remote control
  • HEPA filter and sponge
  • Additional side brush
  • Mop cloth
  • Disposable mop
  • User’s Guide
All items supplied with the product. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

How to use the AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum

The T10 + is pretty much ready to use right out of the box. All I had to do was select a location for the automatic dirt removal base with about 4 feet of open space in front of it and about 1.5 feet on each side. After plugging in the base I placed the robot vacuum on the nearby floor and pressed the recharge symbol on the top button and it moved to the charging station to start charging . It is recommended to let the robot fully charge before its first use. While charging, I downloaded the Tuya Smart app to my smartphone. A QR code in the instruction manual led me to a website which then took me to the App Store where I was able to find the app. It is available for iOS and Android. A connection guide included in the box walked me through the process of connecting the robot vacuum to my home Wi-Fi and I was good to go. You can even connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

phone app
The phone app displays the map created by LiDAR. Image by Michael Knight.

Once the robot vacuum was fully charged, I used the app to start it. When set to Auto, the robot began to move around the house and trace the rooms to create a map. It would move around the edges of a section to trace the location of walls, furniture, and other obstacles. Once he had an area mapped out and cleaned, he would move to another section and trace it and clean it. Finally, he had marked out all the areas he could access. When this was done, a voice on the robot informed me that the cleaning was finished and that it was coming back on charge. It then returned to the base and the dirt was sucked into the automatic dirt removal base bag as the robot began to charge. The app automatically divided the zones into what it thought were rooms. I was able to modify them a bit and rename them from room 1, room 2, etc. in living room, kitchen, hallway, etc. Now I can choose to clean a specific room if I want to rather than the whole house. This is a useful function because the robot cleaner can also mop hard floors.

After filling the water tank / trash can with tap water, I reinstalled it in the robot vacuum, attached the cleaning cloth and put it in place to clean the kitchen which has tiles. I didn’t want to mop the carpet in the living room. The app lets me adjust the water released with three different levels, and I can also choose to suck it up while it’s cleaning or just mop. Since the vacuum and brush are located in front of the cleaning cloth, this helped to remove some of the dust and dirt before the mop wets the floor and picks up the rest.

to wipe
The robot vacuum can clean hard floors with a wet mop. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

The application also offers the possibility of cleaning the stains. Select Pin n Go, then tap a location on the map in your area to drop a pin. Pressing the start icon will then send the robot vacuum to that location where it will then clean an area around that location. You can even add a cleaning area on the map and use the Area selection to only clean that area. This is similar to the spot cleaner, but you can draw an area that you want to clean. I use it if the high traffic area of ​​the carpet needs a quick cleaning but I don’t want to clean an entire room. A remote control is also included and can be used in place of a phone app to control the robot vacuum while it is cleaning. The remote control allows you to adjust the suction level and has a spot cleaning button which, when pressed, will command the robot vacuum to clean an area around its current location. Therefore, you can drive it to the center of an area to be cleaned and then have it cleaned on its own. It is important to remember to keep the remote control pointed at the robotic vacuum cleaner while controlling it.

While you can activate the robot vacuum whenever you need it, the app also lets you set a schedule. You can select the time to start, the days you want it to repeat, whether you want it to clean, wipe or both, the suction power and whether you want it to automatically clean everything or only specific parts. This feature is a great way to make sure your floors are cleaned regularly without you having to consciously think about it. Set it to clean while you’re away from home and you don’t have to worry about the T10 + being under your feet while it’s cleaning.

The T10 + automatically docks when cleaning is complete. Image by Michael Knight.

Why should you get an AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum

The T10 + uses incredible technology. The LiDAR sensor is located on the top of the robot vacuum. The laser sensor spins 6 times per second as it measures 2160 points in the room within a radius of approximately 26 feet. This allows him to create a one-piece map with an accuracy of 1cm. LiDAR data is analyzed and processed using an improved SLAM algorithm allowing the robot vacuum to locate itself and respond to complex environments as well. With 23 sets of sensors, it can detect objects in its path and maneuver around them. It also has four escarpment sensors at the bottom up front to detect drops such as stairs to prevent the T10 + from falling. I was impressed watching him move around my house and dodging obstacles. There were times when I thought he might get stuck, but he always managed to find a way out.

The underside of the T10 +. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

While walking around a room on your own is great, the real purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to clean the floor. The unit has a high torque roller brush located in the center with a side brush to help clean the edges. You can choose from four different suction levels: silent, standard, powerful and max with ranges from 700 Pa to 2700 Pa. The operating time varies depending on the type of floor and the level of suction. This can range from 250 minutes for hard floors in quiet mode to 80 minutes for high pile carpets in max mode. It has no problem switching from a hard surface floor to a carpet and can withstand a slope of up to 15 degrees.

climbing level
The robot vacuum can climb on the carpet, allowing it to clean all the floors in your home. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

I had the opportunity to test the AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum cleaner for a few weeks and I can say that I am very impressed with it. I was surprised how easy it was to get started. Instructions on setting up the app and connecting it to the vacuum robot made the process easier. The app itself is quite intuitive, and I found it easy to edit and rename the rooms on the map it created. I love all the different features that let me choose how much or how little of my home it cleans. The mop function also works well as it cleans hard surface floors. Finally, with the automatic dirt removal base, you can set the robot vacuum to empty every time it docks, after every 2nd or 3rd docking, or not at all. You can even order it manually to empty the trash. When you open the cover at the base to access the dust bag, there is a cleaning brush in its own place. This can be used to clean the rotating brush and even cut off any hair that may get tangled around it.

dirt removal base
The dirt removal base sucks dust and grime from the robot’s trash into a dust bag in the base, keeping the T0 + ready for its next cleaning task. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

The AIRROBO robot vacuum cleaner is a great smart device for any home. If you have pets and / or children, or even if you don’t, this can help keep your floors clean. I am always fascinated by the programming that allows this robot to trace rooms around the house, avoid obstacles and get out of difficult situations. I recommend the AIRROBO T10 + to anyone who wants to keep their floors cleaner but doesn’t have the time to hand vacuum every day. Let this robot vacuum do the work for you.

For more information on the AIRROBO T10 + robot vacuum, visit their Amazon page and use code AIRROBO108 to save 30% for the first 48 hours.

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