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These dishwashers are for anyone who wants to save time when washing dishes and is looking for a quality machine.

Are dishwashers worth it?
Dishwashers are handy kitchen appliances, especially if you have a large family or host parties from time to time. They are also excellent for office environments because we all know that no one wants to wash office dishes by hand. Machines not only save time, they are also a more hygienic way to clean dishes. Most dishwashers have built-in features that help kill bacteria and germs, like heated wash and sanitize cycles.

Dishwashers add a form of versatility to your routine. With most of them having a delayed start feature, you can easily schedule your dishes to wash while you sleep or at work, and the machine will do so and automatically shut off after the cycle. Sponges used for hand washing can also cause micro-damages to your dishes, possibly reducing their lifespan. But with dishwashers, that mess is avoided because squirts of soap and water clean your utensils.

On a personal note, dishwashers save your hands from harm from dishwashing chemicals. These machines are worth it.

Are dishwashers safe for the environment?
Contrary to popular belief, dishwashers are rather ecological. Most dishwashers have Energy Star certification, a certification granted only after a machine has met the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s strict energy and water conservation standards.

A study has proven that dishwashers are more carbon neutral, with hand washing generating over 250 pounds more greenhouse gases per year than a dishwasher.

Does using a dishwasher use less water than washing by hand?
Yes. A sustainability rating survey found that washing a plate by hand requires about 60.9 ounces of water, while a dishwasher will use 4.4 ounces. That means cleaning a 10-dish load will take about 44 ounces for a dishwasher, but a whopping 609 ounces with hand washing!

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