The new boss of Roscosmos Yuri Borisov described the main areas of activity of Roscosmos at the Army-2022 forum – Parabolic Arc

Yuri Borisov at the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum. (Credit: Roscosmos)

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MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — At the opening of the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum, Yuri Borisov, Director General of the state corporation Roscosmos, named the main areas of activity of the space industry.

“Dear colleagues, friends!

I am glad to welcome you to the main military-technical forum of Russia!

We have before us several days of a rich and extensive program demonstrating the achievements of Russian companies, design centers and offices, as well as the enormous potential of our engineers and workers.

This year, the forum is taking place under very difficult foreign policy conditions, so we have decided to focus on three extremely important aspects of our work.

The main activity of the Roscosmos State Corporation is to increase the defense potential of our country and strengthen its security.

Roscosmos enterprises make a significant contribution to the creation of the nuclear anti-missile shield of the Russian Federation, which is the most important factor for maintaining the security, independence and national sovereignty of the Russian state. Today, Sineva ballistic missiles are in combat service, and Yars, Bulava and Sarmat missiles with various combat equipment are mass-produced.

We support our army and our troops not only with the production of ballistic missiles. Providing electronic and electronic intelligence, cartography, navigation, secure satellite communications and near-Earth space surveillance – all of this is done through the production and use of spacecraft.

Another important area of ​​work for the Roscosmos state corporation is the production of high-tech civilian and dual-use products. The range of industries for which these products are produced is very wide – the power and energy complex, urban transport systems, utilities and life support, medicine. Today, in the context of unprecedented sanctions restrictions and lack of supply of a large number of goods and components from other countries, this work is of particular importance not only to provide the economy Russian everything necessary, but also to strengthen technological sovereignty.

Another important point to which I would like to draw the attention of the participants and guests of the international forum Army concerns the projects in the field of international cooperation, which are implemented by the state corporation “Roscosmos”. The other day I returned from a work trip to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where I witnessed the launch of a spacecraft for the benefit of the Republic of Iran. This is an important event, and for the successful implementation of the project, of course, I want to thank all the employees of the companies of the rocket and space industry, who ensured the launch successful Russian space launchers for the 88th time in a row.

But what is especially important – the launch was another demonstration of the partnership between Russia and Kazakhstan, on whose territory the cosmodrome is located, as well as Iran, in whose interests the launch was carried out. This project opens up an opportunity for us to expand cooperation in the manufacture of space technologies and the implementation of services for countries in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America – in other words, for all those who are interested in a partnership with Russia. Space is a common space for all humanity, and its exploration must remain outside of politics.

During the forum, all visitors can enjoy the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the results of our work at the joint exhibition of rocketry and space business organizations that are part of the perimeter of the Roscosmos State Corporation .

I wish all forum participants constructive and fruitful work!

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