Top 5 Online Payday Lenders for Fast Cash

If you’re browsing the internet for a same-day loan, this is your last stop. Life happens, and sometimes you need a sum of cash as fast as possible, and you’re sure that you can afford the risk or that you have to. We got you covered. This guide is going to provide you the top five instant same-day loans so you know you’re in good hands.

There is a catch to same-day loans—money doesn’t come free. As same-day loans represent more risk for financial institutions, they are usually more expensive than other types of loans. Before you take your same-day loan, make sure that you know the complete cost of the loan that you are taking out and can comfortably repay it when you have to.

However, the risk with same-day loans is often outweighed by the benefits. Not all of us were taught how to manage money properly. Not all of us were lucky enough to have money to cover all of our monthly expenses. Some of us have lower credit scores, and because of that, standard bank and credit union loans are not a feasible solution for when we fall on hard times.

Same-day approval loans can help. As these loans don’t require a credit check, they don’t lower your credit score in the approval process. That also means people with lower scores can receive the help they need. 

Top Picks for the Best Instant Loans With Same-Day Approval

Without further ado, these are the best instant loans we’ve found on the market. If you’re not convinced, don’t worry. We’ve gone into further detail to ensure that you know what you’re getting into. You’re making a big decision, and we won’t let you walk into it blind. 

  1. MoneyMutual: Best Payday Lenders for Instant Loans, Editor’s Choice
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Best for Payday Loans, Runner Up
  3. CashUSA: Recommended Online Lender for Quick Loans 
  4. Personal Loans: Get Instant Personal Loans Online
  5. Credit Loan: Best for Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval

#1. MoneyMutual: Best Payday Lenders for Instant Loans, Editor’s Choice


MoneyMutual takes the first place on our list because they give the fastest service imaginable. There are over two million customers who have used MoneyMutual, and they have great reviews that you can browse so you know who you are working with.

Their criteria for customers are rather simple. To use their services, you must be over 18 years old, hold an active bank account, and must be able to prove that you make at least $800 a month. After filling out a short form, you’re ready to be matched up with a suitable lender.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not have a sizable rainy day fund. Studies show that a majority of us would not be able to pay out of pocket for emergencies that cost over $400 dollars. Between rent, groceries, electricity, and all the other important bills we have to pay every month, our bank accounts are usually cleaned out. What do we do if we actually come upon one of those emergencies?

If your financial situation allows it, maybe use MoneyMutual.


Anybody looking for sizable loans will not scoff at what MoneyMutual offers, because many lenders loan up to $5000. Their tagline is “At the Speed of Life” for a reason. It can only take a day for some emergency to come crashing down, which just so happens to be the same amount of time to get some financial assistance from MoneyMutual’s large network of lending partners.

Your loan can be transferred in less than 24 hours, and that extra money that you need can be yours.


  • Up to $5000 in loans
  • Raving reviews, used by over two million customers
  • Get your money in as little as 24 hours


  • Need at least $800 in monthly income to be eligible for a loan
  • Not available in New York or Connecticut

⇒Visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Best for Payday Loans, Runner Up


This company’s name tells you everything you need to know about who Bad Credit Loans is dedicated to helping. If you don’t have good credit but still need a loan, Bad Credit Loans is a great option, taking the second spot on our list.

They have provided loans to customers who have recently filed for bankruptcy, which is a generous offer. For people with bad credit scores that cannot find a lender to match with, Bad Credit Loans even offers some extra services to help improve your finances so that you can try again later. Do you need credit repair? Debt relief? Bad Credit Loans is here for you.


Bad Credit Loans provides loans of up to $10,000. This takes them a little extra time, of course, and requires a little more from their customers. First, you fill out their forms. They may be extensive, but Bad Credit Loans needs sufficient information to find customers a good lending match. They are in the business of giving second and third chances, which means their lenders have to stay smart.

If your credit score isn’t very high but you need help just like everyone else, Bad Credit Loans is a great platform to get loans with bad credit. With their extensive and forgiving services, you might be just in luck for your loan.


  • Up to $10,000 in loans
  • May receive your money in as little as 24 hours
  • Specifically caters to people with bad credit
  • Offer services for those not matched with lenders 


  • Requires more information than other applications
  • Focused on bad credit and may have higher interest rates

⇒Visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. CashUSA: Recommended Online Lender for Quick Loans 


You might have already heard of CashUSA. That’s not a surprise. They’re one of the biggest companies in this market, because they are focused on customer convenience. Customers in search of loans do not pay any additional fees to use CashUSA’s services, and the brand’s customer care team is always available to make the request process as transparent as possible.

Their biggest standout among their competitors is that CashUSA allows their customers to apply for personal loans. These are easier on a consumer than other loans because that allows you to repay the amount spread out over time, like another lease or contract, rather than the lump sum by a predetermined date.

This loan method makes it easier for people who are struggling month-to-month with their finances by getting that sum up front to help with the emergency and allowing you to pay it off over time. You could perhaps achieve this same result if you paced yourself, but knowing the exact numbers for your own budgeting is difficult and taking the payment plan will be easier for those in a pinch.


Making a personal loan request with CashUSA requires a couple of different criteria to be met. These are rather simple and standard among most lending platforms. You must be 18 or older, a citizen of the U.S., and you must make at least $1,000 a month after taxes to use the services of CashUSA. This might seem like a lot compared to other services, but they are offering personal loans.

If you are specifically looking for a personal loan, consider using CashUSA. They have made the third spot on this list for a reason. They’re fast, flexible with their loan amount, and many lenders on the platform are known for offering extensions to their customers if they need it, protecting their already fragile credit score.


  • Up to $10,000 loans
  • Receive the loan by the next business day
  • Offers personal loans unlike other services
  • Some lenders are known for their leniency


  • Must have at least $1,000 in monthly income
  • Receiving the loan might be slower than some competitors

⇒Visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. Personal Loans: Get Instant Personal Loans Online


Personal Loans takes number four on our list because they’re an excellent space that connects their customers with lenders to ensure that they get their money fast. They take a different approach to instant loans. While they are much more reserved with the customers they service, you can request up to $35,000 in loans. That’s more than many of the other companies in the market.


Let’s see if you can meet their criteria. Potential customers cannot have been recently bankrupt, their accounts should not be more than 60 days late, and there should be no debts in the account that the monthly income of the account cannot cover. You must also provide your social security number and income verification. Personal Loans will not perform a hard credit inquiry on applicants.

That’s a perfect business model for a customer who has recently fallen on hard times but has good financial habits. That happens to many people from all walks of life. Sometimes you are put into a bad position from an emergency and have a low credit score. And then you bounce back, stronger than ever, only to learn that your low credit score is here to stay for a while. If this applies to you, consider Personal Loans.


  • Up to $35,000 in unsecured loans
  • Quick and easy approval and receiving
  • Even checks for third-party partners


  • More customer criteria than competitors

⇒Visit the official website of Personal Loans

#5. Credit Loan: Best for Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval


Credit Loan takes the final spot on our list because of their focus on customer service. If you’re looking for instant loans that don’t do a credit check, that’s typically because you have no other choice. Nobody wants to use companies with higher interest and more risk, but often have to because of their low credit score.

Credit Loan understands this, and you can use their service easily to help boost your credit score. You might think that this is risky, because not being able to pay back a loan will tank it every further. But Credit Loan, and the other companies on this list, can help you boost your credit score back up.

If you take out a loan, even a small one, and repay them every month, you can help get your credit score back where it deserves to be. By doing well on your payments, even if they’re small, they are positive bonuses that make your credit checks more palatable and that magic number a little greener.


Credit Loan conducts business fast and easy, and you can have your loan received in less than a business day. They work with amounts ranging from $250 to $40,000 for customers who might need to boost their credit score and have that principal cash lying around or do not have good credit and need their money now.

No matter who you are, you can apply for a loan through Credit Loan and have the money that you need. With their credible lenders, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t choose to do this sooner.


  • Up to $40,000 in loans
  • Provides loan within a business day
  • Can help build your credit score back up


  • Interest rates may be high for bad credit applicants

⇒Visit the official website of Credit Loan

How We Made This List

We made this list with the consumer in mind. We kept your financial safety as our top priority, alongside how fast and high-quality the service they provide is. These are the most important factors of loan platforms when you don’t necessarily have the time to ponder which company to give your business.

We understand. That’s why we put that at the top of our priorities. We’ve examined many, many competitors on the market to see who delivers the fastest unsecured and secured loans and who provides the safest loans for the rest of us.

The key is whether or not the lender is trustworthy. If you keep low standards, many predatory lenders may make an offer that you think you can’t refuse, trying to pull the wool over you when you need your money most. You need time to consider which lender, but you also need your money now. Why else would you be looking for the same-day loans? 

That’s where this list comes in. We’ve put together a list of same-day loans that are credible and trustworthy. That ensures that you’re safe when you need some help the most. Also, we’ve picked out loans that are efficient and timely.

Many of these services are platforms in which they put you in contact with lenders. That means these platforms vary in credibility of which lenders they choose to match you up with. That is not a problem to worry about with the companies on this list. We have made sure that each and every company on this list keeps you in mind.

However, being customer focused means they have to make sure their clientele are also trustworthy. Companies have certain requirements you have to meet to use their service. If you don’t fit one, don’t worry. If you keep looking, you might find one that accepts you.

These loan platforms set the standards on the market, and many even incorporate different benefits that you might be looking for. Are you looking to use a cosigner? Or have you dealt with margin fees in the past and are looking for loans who are more forgiving? Keep scrolling. They’re just below.

Buying Guide

Our writing team knows that this guide isn’t the be all, end all of the instant loan industry. These five companies are the best that we’ve found, but maybe you cannot fit their criteria and perhaps need to do some research of your own. Maybe you have your own experiences with them. That’s alright. 

This buying guide is going to help you do your own research on instant loan companies and platforms that will allow you to make educated decisions about loans. This is of the utmost importance. You are about to make a big financial decision, and whether or not you can pay off these loans will change your credit score for years to come. If you make a commitment that you cannot keep, that will backfire and you will pay the consequences for a while. It might have already happened, and that’s why you’re looking for loans that don’t require a credit check. We understand. That’s why we are going to help you make the best decisions you can make.

When you’re looking for an instant loan, make sure you prioritize:

  • Your ability to repay the sum
  • Whether you can make payments on time
  • Can you request a personal loan instead
  • Do you fit a platform’s criteria
  • What is your credit score, and can you increase it

If you keep these key factors in mind while you go around shopping for your instant loan, your future will be much easier to navigate. Whether or not you can pay off the loan is important. Make sure you can. Money does not magically fall into your lap every month. Pace your finances. Ensure that the loan is something you can repay comfortably.

While it might feel contradictory as we are trying to get no credit check loans, you should know what your credit score is. There are a large number of ways to get an estimate without doing a hard check so you can be sure whether or not instant loans are your only choice. If you can go to a bigger bank to get a loan, they often are less risky and have smaller interest rates.

If you don’t have a ballpark estimate of what your credit score is, check who you are currently banking with. Many of the big American banks that most of us carry our cash with offer a free service that gives estimates on what your credit score is without doing a hard check to tank it. Chase and U.S. Bank, for example, offer a service like this that gives an estimate so you know what you’re working with. 

They also offer appraisals such as ‘fair,’ ‘good,’ and ‘poor’ to help you determine what your choices are financially. You’re looking at this buying guide because you’re in need of loans without a credit check. But do you know what your credit score is? It might be better than you think. If you get an estimate, you can be more knowledgeable about what your choices are for solving your financial emergency. 

Once you are certain that you need an instant, no-credit-check loan, it’s important to understand why that is your option and how this market came about. In fact, this market is relatively new. A few decades ago, it would be impossible to find a loan online that you could get the money by the end of the next day to pay for your emergency. 

It’s important to understand why that is. Financial establishments and banks always minimize their risk in making loans. Those of us who lived through the late 2000s remember that bankers offered risky loans on houses, when the market crashed and nobody could pay off these risky loans, banks were left holding the hot potato. Obviously they were bailed out and the government and taxpayers ended up holding the hot potato, but now we will ensure this will not happen again.

These policies of being careful who to lend money to and scrutinizing the credit accounts of the people who apply for loans meant that people fell through the cracks. Just because you do not have a good credit score does not mean that emergencies can’t happen. Often they happen in an avalanche and you are buried.

Out of this need, instant, no-credit-check loans emerged. For those of us who cannot use the traditional method, this is perfect. Companies started online platforms that can match you, as a customer, directly to a lender who can give you what you need.

The process of receiving instant loans is easy. It often starts with a few clicks and a keyboard stroke to enter in your information, and then they can match you up with a lender quickly. As they need customers to make money, and you need emergency funds, these companies can often file the requests for free.

These requests are done automatically, fed through an algorithm that matches you up to a lender who is most likely to take you. Almost all the time, they have already accepted your request and all you need to do is sign the other side of the deal and begin the process to receive your loan.

Different lenders and platforms want different things. Some loans will require credit checks. Some will require a look into your bank account to see that you have money coming in and out and can afford your loan. Some check whether or not you have enough to make the monthly payments, others just if money is streaming in. 

It’s important to note that usually with more criteria is a safer loan. Just as a bank has high criteria for a loan with less interest, such as checking your bank account, this industry conducts similar business to varying degrees. Usually, a platform that has higher criteria will try to match you with lenders that are safer, because you are a safer customer.

With that in mind, try applying to the instant loan platform with the highest criteria that you meet. If you can meet the harder criteria but cannot do a credit check, then find a platform that matches just that and you will find the lowest risk loans. These lenders will often offer competitive interest rates because they are all fighting for your business, and choosing the lowest that you possibly can is in your best interest. 

While you’re shopping for your loan, you should check whether or not you can do a personal loan. These often give more freedom to dispense the money as you please because whoever is lending the money doesn’t control how the money is used.

Understandably, this is more risky for the lender. Especially because these are usually done without a credit check. That usually means that, although you can make smaller payments on a personal loan in installments, your lender will expect repayment much quicker than other loans.

Remember, the more control the money lender gives to you, the more risk it is for them. The more risky a loan is, the more interest they charge. If you are planning to pay the least amount of interest because you are only interested in covering your financial emergency, you must look for the lowest risk loan you can possibly take.

This includes finding a platform of which you match the criteria, and the type of loan you are going for. If you give more control to the lender, that means they are at less of a risk of losing their money, which means you are a tless of a risk of paying too much.

Now that we’ve covered the industry basics in this buying guide, let’s try to tackle your specifics. We will help you take the first steps for getting your loan. We must reiterate that you should understand what options are available to you and why you need them.

If you need the money as soon as possible, it makes sense to go for an online instant loan. You can make the request in minutes, the algorithm will match you up with a lender, and the money will be coming quickly.

However, the money may take up to a day to get to your account. What if you discover that you need to pay rent in just a few hours? Well, some lenders offer the option to do a wire transfer, which speeds the process up from a day to minutes. However, this costs a small fee to expedite the process. If you need your funds urgently, look for a lender who offers wire transfers.

You may be looking for a lower risk loan, and that leans you to instant loans with bigger banks and credit unions. The reason why our list of instant loans are all online platforms is because they offer you security in that you know you can receive one.

Looking for a low risk loan with banks and credit unions isn’t a bad idea, but it definitely is a long shot. If you are looking for a no credit check loan, and you ask the bank you have an account with for a loan, they know your exact finances and habits.

When applying for an online loan,. it’s important to have your information and details on hand to have your search done as soon as possible. This information might include:

  • Your full name
  • Your citizenship status
  • Your social security number
  • Evidence of income
  • Government identification
  • History of employment
  • Where you hold bank accounts
  • Your credit score
  • Your intent with the loan

Some platforms require even more information. It’s important to know exactly what you need before you go searching for your loan, because if you don’t want to give up certain details about your finances, you need to know whether or not the platform wants them. The biggest example is whether or not you want a loan that does a credit check. Make sure you know what each platform or company wants before you put all your eggs in one basket.

The last factor of our buying guide is to match up your intent with the lender. Think about what you’re trying to use your money for. Do you need your instant loan because your small business has taken a hit? Did the espresso machine in your café break and you have to take out a loan for thousands of dollars for something essential for your business?

Your intent with the loan matters a significant amount. Taking out a business loan for something pivotal to your business like a cafe’s coffee machine is going to be much more well received than if you want to take a vacation to Hawaii despite only having three dollars to your name. That doesn’t mean your vacation loan is impossible, it is just much more risky and less likely to get approved. 

Money lenders want their money back. If you plan on spending it and have no capacity to return it, of course they aren’t going to offer you a loan. But if you need a car to do your job, or if your business needs something important, or if you’re going to get evicted, these important and time sensitive reasons will give money lenders a much bigger reason to approve you for their loans.


Q1. What do I do with low credit?

If you have a low credit score and cannot apply for a traditional loan, many of the platforms we have provided in this article do not perform credit checks before offering their loan. Keep an eye out for companies who do not do credit checks, and instead take on riskier loans. These lenders might be charging a higher interest rate for their loans, but at least it’s possible to get one rather than having a financial emergency with no certain help.

Q2. Should I take out a payday loan instead?

If you have other choices than payday loans, then avoid taking them out. As we’ve explained in the buying guide, when a money lender has less risk to themselves, that results in less interest rates for you. For payday loans, the loan reaches your account quickly and you are free to use it as you wish. 

The freedom of a payday loan is tempting, but the more freedom you are given, the more expensive the interest is. If you are not able to pay back your payday loan within two weeks (which is generally considered a pay period), the interest rate shoots up high and can make it unrealistic to pay it off within time. Your debt will start increasing in exchange for that freedom, so be careful.

Q3. Are instant loan platforms trustworthy?

Yes, online instant loan platforms are credible. Many have had hundreds of thousands of customers, some even in the millions, who can testify that they work exactly as they should. Just make sure to temper your expectations. These platforms are just enabling lenders to meet potential clients in an easy, and computer controlled way. They are free because they are often paid by the lenders to do this service.

Issues you may face with instant loans will typically be between you and your lender. By using a reputable platform that only employs lenders who are credible and trustworthy, you are decreasing your chances to run into problems. By picking the most credible platforms, you are in essence picking the most credible lenders.

Q4. How will an instant loan affect my credit score?

That depends on a couple of factors. If you are looking to raise your bad credit score, that is easily doable by applying for a loan that doesn’t do a hard credit check and reliably paying them back so you have a history of making good payments.

This is not all loans. Loans that require a credit check by credit bureaus will be a momentary hit to your credit report as all hard queries are, and if you are not reliable in paying back your loan, then you will continue to lose credit score. If you are taking out an instant loan because you already have poor credit, we advise to only take out loans in amounts that you know you can pay back reliably so you do not tank your credit further. This is especially true if you take out enough in installment loans that you cannot pay them back and go bankrupt, in which your credit score has tanked significantly. You don’t want to file for bankruptcy if possible. 

Q5. How long do I have to pay it back?

This depends on the loan; what kind you’ve taken out and what it’s being used for. Payday loans are generally going to be two weeks, but a business loan can be months or years depending on the amount and what was being done with it. Talk with your online lenders to make sure you have enough time to pay back your loan.


There are times in which we all run into financial difficulties and need a little help getting back on our feet. If you have a less than stellar financial history, do not despair—the loan platforms on our list may still be able to help you get the emergency funds you need, even if your credit score is not perfect. We recommend starting with MoneyMutual or one of the other platforms on our list as you research what options are available to you.

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