ViTrox Berhad: Toward Smart Manufacturing with the ViTrox VR20i Series Post Seal Inspection Vision Handler

January 17, 2022 – Toward Smart Manufacturing with ViTrox VR20i Post Seal Inspection Vision Handler Series

PENANG MALAYSIA – JANUARY 2022 – ViTrox aims to be the world’s most trusted machine vision inspection solution provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated machine vision inspection solutions for the semiconductor and electronics industries. electronic packaging. We are excited to announce that we are offering the Vision Handler post-sealing inspection VR20i series – the best back-end semiconductor inspection solutions to meet emerging smart manufacturing needs in the semiconductor industry. drivers.

VR20i post-sealing vision manipulator series

ViTrox offers the robust VR20i series of post-sealing vision manipulators with Industry 4.0 capabilities to move users towards smart manufacturing. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have spurred new innovations in the VR20i, enabling it to support emerging trends in new semiconductor technology. To meet current market trends and demands, ViTrox has a dedicated R&D team that specializes in automated machine vision systems and focuses on in-depth technology breakthroughs to improve production automation efficiency and guarantee the best quality and high precision inspection performance. in the post-sealing inspection.

The VR20i series is designed for precise management of reel-to-reel inspection. Its latest advanced visual inspection capabilities can minimize machine downtime and human error; significantly optimize production throughput. VR20i comes with many revolutionary technological innovations, which include a dual-path design, improved automation mechanisms, multiple vision systems, automatic defect labeling and the ViTrox Industry 4.0 Smart Solution V-ONE platform for performance improvement and more! Apart from that, VR20i also offers flexible customization to meet emerging market trends and your strict requirements.

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