Willow Technologies’ perovskite cells achieve an impressive 25.5% efficiency


The results open up new business opportunities for Saule Technologies, a company based in Wroclaw, Poland. The flexible perovskite photovoltaic devices produced by Willow are very well suited for powering electronic devices in low light intensity indoor conditions, making them a perfect solution for various Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Importantly, this futuristic technology is readily available to be deployed in the market, and Willow Technologies, as the world’s first company, was able to transfer the cell manufacturing process from the R&D stage to the production line. large-scale production.

– Our first factory is already printing perovskite devices suitable for the IoT sector. Now, when we have successfully entered the commercialization phase, we will develop our business. It’s time to build new factories all over the world, with a lot higher production rates because demand increases rapidly. The IoT market will be worth US $ 1.1 trillion in 2025 and we are ready for itsaid Dr Olga Malinkiewicz, co-founder and CTO of Saule Technologies.

The potential of perovskite PV technology extends far beyond the IoT market, and early commercial use will help mature the technology to reach its full potential, with a wide range of applications.

Saule Technologies cells are also excellent sources of energy for BIPV, BAPV, electric mobility and many other industries. For example, Skanska is at the forefront of a method of coating the exteriors of office buildings with semi-transparent perovskite solar cells, supplied by Saule Technologies, on a commercial scale.

Saule Technologies recognizes funding from NCBR within the framework of the project “High performance perovskite solar cells for applications in low light conditions” POIR.01.01.01-00-1482 / 19

SOURCE Willow Technologies

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